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Jens Borgelt

This is a message on behalf of Emanwel, he's been contacted by the father of Jens Borgelt. Jens will be in Oxford in July and his father is wondering if anyone would like to meet up with him. If so, could you please email Emanwel Turnbull at St Hughs. Please find Jens' father's message below:

Hi Emanwel Turnbull

During his stay in Oxford 1999 to 2000 -Oxford University- my son Jens
Borgelt was a member of the Wychwood Warriors.

In this month he has birthday -30 years- and my present for him is a weekend
in Oxford from 07.28.2006 to 07.31.2006.
I think it`s a great surprise and a great pleasure to see some of his old

Is there a meeting during his stay in Oxford? When and where?
Please answer me, thank you.

With best wishes

Wolfram Borgelt
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