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> Hey,
> This terms feast will be on Saturday 23rd of Febuary, as before in the Asian
> Cultural Centre on Cowley Road. We have the kitchens booked from 5:30 -
> 11:30pm, and the upper hall from 6:30 - 11:30pm, the same as last term. The
> downstairs room was already booked for part of that evening, but I've checked
> and the upper hall has wheelchair access via a lift, so that is all good.
> As before, we need people to cook. Please email me if you want to cook
> something - authentic is good, but we need quite a few courses, and definitely
> with bacon and mushrooms since that was quite the success last time...
> If you'd like to cook, but don't have anything particular in mind, we have
> plenty of recipes to give you. :)
> And, as always, old gits are more than welcome!
> The cost will probably be £15-£20 again, depending on numbers as we need to
> cover the hall hire etc, and a bit cheaper for members.
> So, email me if you want to come (and if you want to cook something), as we
> need an idea of numbers to order bread, food and so on.
> Chris
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