*bunni* (glamwhorebunni) wrote in wych_warriors,

Wychwood 20th Anniversary Feast

Wychwood's first feast was held 20 years ago, in New College Undercroft. Wychwood is celebrating this anniversary by having an extra big feast this term, inviting as many old members as possible.

It's being held in the North Oxford Community Centre (OX2 7DP). Which is a lovely building, just south of Summertown.

It'll be in the evening of Saturday 22nd November.

Price hasn't yet been announced. I imagine it'll be something like £15 for members, £20 for non-members.

If you want to come, please email the current President, Veronica Ford (veronicaDOTfordATkebleDOToxDOTacDOTuk)

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