*bunni* (glamwhorebunni) wrote in wych_warriors,

Wychwood Feast

This term's Wychwood Feast is on Saturday 7th March 2009 (end of 7th week).

It's not a Grand Anniversary Re-union or anything like that, there are no photo timelines or place settings, it's just a bit of a party. Lots of food, plus rude songs, knife fights, axe pulling, and similar fun things.

It's going to be held at the West Oxford Community Centre. This is just beyond the station, on the way towards Botley. http://www.oxfordsoftwaredocumentation.com/woca/where_is_woca.html for directions. It's got a kitchen that opens right onto the feast hall, which is always nice for the cooks.

Cost will be £18 for current members, £20 for non-members. People attending but not eating pay £5, to help us cover the hall hire. You can give me the money at Wychwood events, or post a cheque made payable to "Wychwood Warriors (OUHRS)" to: James Fishwick, Garage Flat, 7 Cumnor Hill, Oxford, OX2 9EU
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